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Anti-racism and Social Justice in Dance is a Course

Anti-racism and Social Justice in Dance



Full course description

This course will be a self-paced online introductory course for any artist, audience member, or administrator interested in anti-racist practices in the dance field and beyond. The course considers discourses of anti-racism, equity, and social justice across the dance field to contribute to a more just arts ecosystem.

Students will encounter foundational information that prompts them to deploy theory and practice to dismantle racial hierarchies in dance and beyond. Students will consider:

  • What gaps in knowledge do I have concerning racial justice in the arts?
  • What obstacles have prevented me from engaging in anti-racist thought and action?
  • How can I contribute to a more just arts ecosystem?

Through readings, viewings, and reflections, this class will explore how dance artists, practitioners, administrators, and observers can begin taking steps towards anti-racism and social justice in dance.


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