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Beyond the Classroom – MathMagic: OPEN is a Course

Beyond the Classroom – MathMagic: OPEN



Full course description

Beyond the Classroom -- Math Magic is a virtual math camp sponsored by OSU. It was designed for students aged 11-18, but is open to all. In this course, you will explore mathematics in a different way than how you study it in school. Imagine this: if you were at a science workshop, you would expect to perform many fun, colorful, and explorative experiments, imitating professional scientists. In the same way, in this course you will experiment with math in fun and colorful ways to help you understand what professional mathematicians do. Our goal is to introduce you to a new world of mathematics and hopefully, help you to love and enjoy it as much as we do.


There are several mathmagic tricks for you to learn. Each trick is broken down into two or more tasks, activities that you need to complete in order to master the trick. Each task in turn has its own page, with directions on what you need to do. Once you finish all the trick's tasks and successfully pass the related quiz, you get a digital sticker. Once you master four of them, you will earn a certificate of completion, but you can master all the tricks if you choose to. 


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