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Wellness and Creativity is a Course

Wellness and Creativity



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In this series, you can take advantage of opportunities to enjoy art and wellness experiences created by students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. Often called the academic heart of Ohio State, the College of Arts and Sciences is an academic, research and creative powerhouse that enables collaborative exploration across disciplines.

Lifelong learning opportunities like this program connect our alumni, students and friends with the artistic, social, scientific and human perspectives of our experts, showcasing the vibrant breadth and depth of the College of Arts and Sciences.


If you have registration questions or experience issues with this course, please contact The ASC Office of Distance Education. Make sure to include the full name of the course and the email address you used to register your account.


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Known limitations for College of Arts and Sciences ScarletCanvas courses:

·        Availability of some video transcripts: Some of our pre-recorded video media may not be accompanied by a linked transcript file because a number of original recording files were run without the addition of captioning services. We are currently working to generate transcript files for all video- or audio-only media. Please contact The Office of Distance Education to expedite a transcript request at

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